Linear servo manipulator

Linear servo manipulator

Introduction: Linear punch manipulators are unfamiliar to those who have not yet been involved, but nowadays there are many joint manipulators and linear servo manipulators on the market. If the multi-joint manipulator is looking at the high-end atmosphere, then the linear servo manipulator is also low-key connotation.

Both types of robots have their advantages and disadvantages. Today we have focused on the relative advantages of linear servo robots:

1. For a simple punching process, as the name implies, the workpiece is taken to the punch press and then the workpiece is removed. Manual operation is the most common and common method, but there are inevitable risk factors. If it is a multi-joint manipulator, it will require a left-hand feed and a right-hand feed. In total, two machines will be required. If it is a linear servo manipulator, one step is in place, and the sucker and electromagnet may be installed with clamps (according to the workpiece. And then).

2. For a company with large workpieces and the same process, it may consider to install 2 or 4 molds on the same punching machine. At this time, the linear servo manipulator will exert its advantages, and also cooperate with the molds, and install 2 or 4 molds. Arms are synchronized to greatly increase production efficiency. This pair of punches is also required.

Of course, multi-joint robots also have incomparable features of the linear robot, such as rotation, anyway, no matter what kind of robot can not be a god, it can not completely replace the artificial (perhaps in the near future can do), turnip cabbage have different Love is the best thing to find for yourself.

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