Water tanker identification method

This year's rain is particularly heavy. Weather forecasts have small rain spots every day. Hubei, Anhui and other cities have even been sieged by heavy rain. Many cars have just stopped on land and they may turn into amphibious. At the same time, a new problem has emerged. Second-hand car deals are now so popular that customers who want to buy used cars will not buy soaked cars. At this time, they will need to be “intimidating” when they buy. Now. The following Xiao Bian gave everyone a talk about how to see if a car has passed the "baptism" of rain.


First, the first step, smelling with the nose, soaked cars usually have a musty smell, no matter how delicate the maintenance of this kind of taste, will continue to exist in the car, when you look at the car to carefully identify the taste of the car .

The second step, look with your eyes. Flooded vehicles can be roughly classified into wheels according to the degree of flooding. The water level is as high as the middle console and is particularly serious. It has never crossed the roof. When selecting a car, carefully observe whether there is a watermark or mud in the cracks on the wheel's edge. If you do, you must pay special attention to it. It is very likely that water will enter the car. In addition to this, we must also focus on the inspection of the trunk. Some cars will be soaked. There will be a lot of rust in the trunk. It can also be seen in the baffle behind the engine, because it is not easy to repair and Maintenance, so it is easy to see if the car is soaked in water.

The third step, touch it. The car that had entered the car and the seat was not the same as before. It was not like the sponge that was sitting underneath for a long time, but it was deformed by the blisters. It was felt by hand and it could be distinguished by hand. When it is repaired, it will not be replaced with new ones. Instead, it will be added directly to the package and the matter will be resolved.

Soaking water carts, which can only be inundated with wheels, can be purchased, and the kind of water stains in the entire train compartment are not so good that the control keys are better not to be bought, because it is impossible for the manufacturer to put every time the car is in maintenance. The same function is all restored to the original appearance, there is a great security risk, so Xiaobian does not recommend the purchase of such vehicles. Everyone must keep their eyes open when choosing a car.

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