What are the basic common sense of car maintenance and overhaul?

Many new car owners have no basic knowledge about car maintenance after they buy a car. When they need maintenance and repair, they can find a repair shop to repair. What others say is that they are often treated as a small problem. The problem was treated as a fault and suffered a lot of dumb loss. In order to allow more novice taken away from the owner, the north Mai today Xiaobian give you universal access to basic knowledge of car maintenance and repair under which one.

First, read the "lights" on the dashboard, warning lights are important


The small dashboard contains the engine's rotational speedometer, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers and various fault guidance. It is possible to read from the dashboard of the vehicle whether the vehicle has a certain fault and can find the problem and repair it on time. Can be a lot of female car owners do not like to look at the dashboard, many people have been driving for several years, in addition to the speedometer, what brake lights, oil lamps, handbrake guide lights, etc. do not know where. When the lights on the instrument panel are out of shape, when the lights on the instrument panel are alarmed, some owners may park for help because of some insignificant faults. Some owners may even know "light" because they don't know. And the beam was so high that it missed the opportunity to repair.

Small coup: read the "lights" and then go on the road, the car will be more calm, so the "light" of the dashboard is a compulsory course for each new car owner. If the instrument panel lights up a yellow fault light, it indicates that the car has failed, but the vehicle can still be applied. It can be driven in safe mode for a certain number of kilometers. In this case, the new car mainly contacts the repair shop on time. If the red light on the instrument panel is on, park the car in a safe position, avoid starting the vehicle at will, call the repair station and send someone to repair it. As usual, the novice car owner can read too much to clarify the book and understand the performance of various guide lamps. In addition, in view of the weak self-testing and repair performance of the new car owners, various emergency service calls should be prepared on the car.

Second, "three waters", "three oils", one can not be less


“Three waters” refers to water tank water, battery water, and glass (wiper) water. “Three oils” refers to engine oil, transmission oil and brake oil. Female car owners are afraid of dirty, too troublesome, and are not willing to open the head cover, so there is no way to accurately understand the status of the car "three water, three oil."

Small coup: It is possible to start from the most basic, for example, to learn to check the amount of oil in the engine. This is the most routine and simplest test. After the engine is extinguished for three minutes, the oil dipstick can be used to wipe clean, and then the oil dipstick can be inserted into the original position. At this time, the dipstick can be taken to see the oil level, as long as the oil is in the middle of "F" or "L". The brake and brake oil detection is relatively complicated, and it is normal to feel the sound of the hand brake.

As for the "three waters" detection is relatively simple, open the hood to see the water pipe of the glass water, there is no problem to see the water level. The water tank and battery water are relatively complicated, and the water level of the auxiliary tank is usually between Full and Low. Of course, if there is no water leakage, it is necessary to inspect it. If the water tank is broken, there will be water droplets splashing during driving, and water traces can be seen under the car. But the most important thing is still to look at the water temperature gauge. If the water tank is broken, most of them will first respond to the water temperature gauge.

Third, the fuel intake system should be cleaned once every two years


Most female car owners drive very "meat", that is, too gentle, the fuel is gradually added, the brakes gradually step on, the speed is very slow for a long time, for example, people do not feel completely breathless every time. As a result, it is easy to cause the power of the engine to be insufficiently used, causing the fuel intake system to malfunction. Especially for cars that are driving in urban areas for a long time, the carbon deposit in the fuel intake system will be more significant, which is reflected in the fact that it is difficult to start when the car is cold, or the car is trembling when it is idling.

Small coup: New car owners generally use less cars, and some have only ran more than 10,000 kilometers in two years, and most of them are commuting to the city roads in the past, it is very easy to form carbon deposits. Therefore, experts said that it is necessary to organize the vehicle's fuel intake system on time, the maintenance frequency is roughly two years, and the clean fuel intake system consumes 300 to 400 yuan at a time.

Fourth, the tires should be avoided, take a coin to test


Most of the novice car owners will not actively detect the tires, and they will not know when the tires will be replaced. If there is any problem, they will be overwhelmed. In fact, the tires are as important as the shoes, and they should be prepared as soon as possible.

Small coup: Usually you can detect the tires yourself, for example, using a 1 yuan coin to measure the tread pattern. The degree of loss of the tread pattern reflects the degree of wear of the tire. When the tread pattern is shallower than 1.6 mm, the tire must be replaced. A 1 dollar coin can be embedded in the pattern. If you can still see the dotted ring on the front side of the coin, the tire must be replaced. If the tread is abnormally protruding or worn, it should be repaired at the repair point on time. The normal tire pressure should be around 2.2~2.5. The new-handed car owner can carry the professional and exquisite tire pressure gauge with the car, so it is normal to grasp the tire pressure lightly. In addition, female car owners love to place items in the car, protect the tires from reducing the burden of the car, too much load will cause the overload will bring strong pressure on the tires, which will cause the puncture.

The above is the relevant maintenance knowledge that Beimai.com has compiled for you. I hope it will help you. Although the maintenance of the car is very important, as a car owner, we must have our own ability to distinguish and understand the cause of the breakdown of our car. Only then can we prescribe the right medicine, and will not be deceived when we repair it, waste unnecessary funds, and better. Maintain the car.

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