Why is the trailer downhill difficult? Volvo does not accept

As we all know, the advantages of the trailer are its strong transportation capabilities. However, in China, the trailer has been limited due to safety issues. With the increasing demand for trailers in the transportation market, how to solve the safety problem of trailers has become a difficult problem.

Hook-up vehicles are more common in European countries. In winter, there are traffic accidents caused by the folding of the main vehicle and the trailer.

Is the safety of the suspension really so hard to solve? Volvo said: I do not accept!

In July 2016, Volvo demonstrated a new technology that can effectively avoid folding accidents caused by turning on slippery roads downhill, and increase the safety of trailers driving on slippery roads.

Suspension car

When the vehicle is driving on a downhill road to make a turn, the main vehicle and the trailer are not on a straight line, and the main vehicle and the trailer will form a certain angle. Due to the slippery surface of the road, the friction between the tire and the ground will be greatly reduced. Once the forward inertial thrust of the trailer is greater than the friction between the tires of the trailer traction seat and the ground, the trailer will slide easily, and the trailer will push the main vehicle to collapse. ACCIDENT.

Folding accident simulation

Volvo has this technology model, when the vehicle is driving on a slippery downhill road, the driver can open this function, the system detects the trailer has the intention of folding, automatically brake the trailer to pull the trailer to avoid folding The phenomenon occurs.

Folding accident simulation analysis

The biggest highlight of this technology is that the system automatically applies braking to the trailer. The forward traction of the main vehicle and the braking force of the trailer can be used to pull the main vehicle and the trailer to the correct position to prevent the main vehicle and the trailer from collapsing.

Folding accidents eventually resolved on-site simulation

Volvo's technology, while ensuring that vehicles do not collapse, can maximize the vehicle's ability to steer, thereby ensuring vehicle safety on wet roads.

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