Beijing Yaohao Raiders

By the end of 2017, Beijing will control the number of motor vehicles in the city within 6 million, and it will be controlled within 6.3 million by 2020. Based on this, it will study the reform plan for small vehicles entering the market. Experts explained that this means that Beijing’s shake policy may change and learn Shanghai’s licensing policy. When it comes to swaying numbers, someone recently asked what conditions the 摇号 is required. Let's explore the issue below.


First, what are the requirements of the Yaohao? There must be a 5-year tax record, a 60-month social security record (to be consecutive), a temporary residence permit, a driver's license, and no vehicle registration in Beijing.

1. Taxation: 5 years refer to the entire year's tax records. For example, if there are tax records starting in August 2007, then January of 12 is 5 years old. This is calculated as a whole year.

2. Social Security: For 60 consecutive months, apply 60 months in a month before the application month. Although it is also 5 years, this is the number of months. For example, in August 2007, the social security fee was paid, and then the application of the swaying sign would begin in September and September. The previous month's application was not met for 60 months.

3. Temporary Residence Certificate: Temporary Residence Certificate (temporary stay permit valid for one year) that needs to be valid within the validity period. The community police station handled it in 5 minutes and remember to bring the original real estate license.

Then the following are taxes, social security query matters needing attention

1. Beijing Social Security Application and Inquiry Page

It is important to note here that you must know your personal Medicare/Social Security Manual number to register. It is the code of the Beijing Social Security Card or the number of the Medical Insurance Manual.

2. Individual tax payment information in Beijing (before the basic information registration can be queried)

The company information in this company can go with the company's human resources department. Complete the registration of the content with the asterisk. However, “identity approval” is also required. I need to go to any local tax bureau in Beijing for approval. This is a free service, and you can register and inquire. It is also important to emphasize here that annual income exceeds 120,000. When individuals file annual tax returns, they can directly report tax without approval.

Finally, we registered on the Beijing Passenger Car Indicator Management System. The system report will be completed on the 8th of each month and the qualification on the 25th. The results were announced on the 26th. If you do not pass the audit in the current period, you can modify your personal information and apply again.

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