Military shower car concept

We all know that military life is very heavy. Each day has an essential training task, and there are arrangements for what to do during the prescribed time. There may not be showers when the soldiers are out of the mission. Then there will be military showers.


What are the facilities and equipment on the military shower car?

In addition to being used for daily flush showers, the main task of this shower car is to allow the soldiers to participate in some of the tasks of the epidemic, or go to dangerous locations, and can go to the shower car to disinfect before the return trip to ensure the safety of the soldiers' lives. . The military shower car belongs to the military decontamination vehicle and carries out comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the soldiers.

The internal structure of the carriage is roughly the same, with several areas, a strip room, a shower room, a power room, and a dressing room. The allocation of these spaces is to prevent cross-infection, so it needs to be separated. The carriage is above the chassis of the car. The major equipment includes hot water devices (similar to water heaters and the like), showers (shower heads), auxiliary equipment, and generator sets. Some use boilers to heat the water temperature.

The specific workflow is this: Use a water pump to put cold water in a heated boiler and let the water level rise. Then sprinkle water from the shower head so that the soldiers can wash a hot bath. The heater is turned on in cold places or when it is colder in the evening. There are special showers and tents. When the work is performed, the horns will place cold water in the mixing room and then heat it. Then the steam is poured into the next tent to disinfect the soldiers.

In summary, there should be a general understanding of the function of the military shower car. In simple terms, it is responsible for disinfecting and cleaning the soldiers who may carry the disease. This procedure is indispensable for the safety of the soldiers. The equipment of the shower car needs regular inspection, and the content of disinfectant and disinfecting water also needs to be strictly controlled. It is related to life safety and needs attention. The cleanliness of the car must be done well.

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